5 Key Features to Assess before an Integration Project

by 19 Mar 2021

1 – SIAM and ITIL Process Focused

Connecting APIs and field mapping is important but not the real challenge! Understand and support processes is the challenge. A simple and basic API integration tool will not solve your multisourcing challenges. SIAM-Broker is an integration platform with a unique intelligent core that was specifically developed to enable multisourcing ITIL and SIAM processes integration. We speak native SIAM!

2 – Say Goodbye to Long, Costly Partner Discussions / Speed up the Synchronization Process

Usually to connect new partner tools all specialists from each side need to be consulted, which is a huge challenge in big project. SIAM-Broker has an incredibly special and exclusive solution: the “Tool Simulator”. Simply integrate to any simulated partner fast and easy making time consuming, expensive meetings with all involved parties obsolete.

3 – Efficient, Scalable and Cost Effective

On a small scale, the point-to-point approach might seem simple, but with a holistic view it quickly turns into spaghetti integration and will cost you a lot of time and money.
SIAM Broker decreases the time and costs for integration, testing, changes whilst providing state of the art unique core technology.

4 – Guided Method, Customization, No Coding

Lomnido created the “1, 2, 3 Connect IT” method to streamline, speed up and regulate the integration process, based on the experiences and knowledge accumulated by the team members over the last decades integration projects. No need for programming skills, integrate while using visual designers and drag & drop support.

5 – Independent and Flexible

SIAM-Broker is a provider, partner, tool independent in house developed service integration platform. It is an All-In-One Appliance, meaning you can order today and immediately start tomorrow, with flexible delivery. No matter whether Cloud or On-Premise.

No More Service Headaches

In our fast-moving world, complexity and integration issues are delaying business and increase costs that lead to pains. Build and configure simple to sophisticated integrations with exceptional speed and simplicity.