Don’t connect APIs – speak SIAM natively for excellent multiprovider integration  

by 19 Mar 2021

The seamless integration of processes between customers and their providers is the centerpiece and critical success factor of every outsourcing project in IT.

Partners 4me and Lomnido hosted a webinar to address all the questions and concerns that come to your mind when you think about mutliprovider service integration or SIAM, service integration and management. The expert webinar was hosted by Experts Stefan Hulls, Business Development Executive from 4me and joined by Lomnido’s Franz Fuchsbauer, Cofounder and CTO and Roland Csombai, Sales & Partner Manager.

The dialogue focused on following topics:  With 4me you can seamlessly integrate with your providers and/or customers that also use 4me. There are also situations in which you have to deal with many different tools and the complexity quickly becomes a challenge and can massively delay projects. Lomnido has launched a solution that is precisely tailored for the requirements of the SIAM function “Service Integrator”. We help all organizations that have multiple different tools in their service environment to enable easy process integration across tools and technology boundaries, full transparency, and on / off boarding at an unbeatable pace.

It is a pity you could not join the live webinar! Nothing is lost, though. You can watch the recording of this expert discussion anytime, here is the link:

I hope you found the tips we shared helpful and if you’d like to get deeper into any of the topics we discussed during the webinar, drop me a line and we could schedule a 1-to-1 meeting.

No More Service Headaches

In our fast-moving world, complexity and integration issues are delaying business and increase costs that lead to pains. Build and configure simple to sophisticated integrations with exceptional speed and simplicity.