Build an Integrated ITOM Landscape

by 19 Jul 2020

Today’s data centers rely on a variety of infrastructure components both on premise and in the cloud. Most vendors offer mature tools for managing their part of the datacenter. However, managing and integrating these tools and building a consistent ITOM (Information Technology and Operations Management) platform to meet the demands of scalability and rapid change can prove to be challenging for IT-operations teams. A high effort for coordination and tedious manual intervention between different systems is required, which slows down issue resolution and inhibits agility. Building one-to-one connections is not a sufficient solution as it still causes fragmented processes, is not scalable, and very cost- and resource-intensive – and it still leaves gaps!

By using an integration platfrom as Lomnido SPIDER you are able to integrate your existing toolset seamlessly in order to reliably and automatically exchange data and improve service support quality. With Lomnido you can rapidly incorporate new management tasks and tools as you adopt new vendors for your infrastructure. In that way your ITOM can exert it’s full power in managing your diverse infrastructure to meet growing demand for availability and agility. Using Lomnido as an integration hub is more cost-efficient than individual one-to-one connections – starting with the first connection.


Build an Integrated ITOM Landscape:

  • Streamline processes, improve accuracy and operate more effectively
  • A consistent ITOM platform drives efficiency across the data center
  • Onboard new partners quickly and painlessly
  • Manage your entire IT infrastructure across tool boundaries
  • Deliver highest quality and agility to your internal and external customers

No More Service Headaches

In our fast-moving world, complexity and integration issues are delaying business and increase costs that lead to pains. Build and configure simple to sophisticated integrations with exceptional speed and simplicity.